Key activities

  • Air Transportation
  • Strategy and top management completely engaged.
  • Customer centric oriented
  • Safety and Security as a core value

Key partners

  • Airbus Industry
  • Teledyne FDA Services and Wireless GroundLink® Comm+ de Teledyne
  • Controls, Flight Data Analysis (FDA) de Teledyne Controls
  • Cisco & Microsoft.

Customer relationship

Mobile App, web page, Contact Center, Social Media contacts and face to face interactions in our Point Of Sales

Cost Structure

Ultra Lost Cost Carrier

Revenue streams

Flight Tickets and ancillaries

Value proposition

  • First Low Cost Carrier in Mexico
  • Big Data + IoT intercommunication with others services to share information to enhance, security, feasibility, efficiency of aircrafts.
  • Analytics, Dashboards and alerts, alarms for supervisory systems for safety, security, and maximize and reduce fuel consumptions
  • Real Time Wireless communications for flight data.


  • Full Cloud Environment (1st in Mexico)
  • Analytics, Cloud Computing, IoT and cybersecurity of software infrastructure