Key activities

  • IT Consulting & Software Solutions
  • I4.0 Software Solutions
  • HR Software Products
  • Gas stations Software Products
  • Customs Software Product
  • Administration Software Product

Key partners

  • IT Cluster
  • Gas Station Associations
  • Gas Station Chambers
  • Software Cluster
  • Energy Cluster
  • Customs Associations
  • Commerce Chambers

Customer relationship

  • Focs on improving the business processes of the company, where the user experiencie is simple, friendly and easy to use.
  • Focus to do productive process with innovative software with the most advanced technology of the market.
  • Focus on customer service and attention

Cost Structure

  • Custom Project
  • Sales Software Products
  • Consulting Services
  • IT & Change Management Trainning
  • Sales Hardware
  • Pay for Service

Revenue streams

  • Custom Project
  • Pay for Service
  • Data Minning
  • Long Tail

Value proposition

  • Create innovative solutions to improve business processes with high impact and massive use
  • Development of technological tools with high productive and social impact
  • Analytics of data, alerts, alarms for gas stations & customs systems.
  • Real Time Wireless communications for gas stations & customs equipment


  • Analytics, Cloud Computing, loT and cybersecurity of software infrastructure
  • On premises and cloud storage web portals kioasks and apps