Key activities

  • Marketing of automation equipment
  • Specialized technical support for preventive, predictive and corrective maintaining.
  • Design nd developing engineering
  • Specialized training for Siemens equipment automation according to customer requirements

Key partners

SIEMENS, PILS, Pepperl & Funchs; WAGO

Customer relationship

Customer acquisition:

  • Face to face contact
  • Online communications
  • Web page and telephone
  • Social networks

Customer retention

  • Personal and dedicated assistance
  • Co-creation on developing and design of engineering

Cost Structure

Salaries to permanent employees.

  • Infrastructure
  • Transporting / Logistics
  • Specialized training
  • Warehouse costs

Revenue streams

Traditional revenue

Value proposition


  • Immediate marketing of automation products and short response time.
  • Projects, technical support 24/7, design, training for SIEMENS automation equipment according to customer requirements.
  • Expertise and certifications for Standard Quality
  • Managemente and as a SIEMENS Solution Partner
  • Support in the sale before and after the transaction


  • Certifications and constant training
  • Adherence to legal regulations


On premises:

  • Automation infraestructure
  • Manufacturing solutions
  • Availability and data analysis
  • Remote monitoring on real time and maintenance
  • Implementations of MES systems